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Navigating life changes shouldn’t be stressful. At One Source Realty Solutions, we specialize in making your real estate journey seamless and satisfying. With over 30 years of combined expertise – Mike’s construction and real estate proficiency and Jaime’s business acumen and market insights – we offer comprehensive support. Whether you’re a first-time buyer embarking on your dream home quest or a seasoned seller targeting top dollar for your luxury property, our personalized strategies and cutting-edge tools are at your service.

Explore the myriad ways we handle life changes:


  • Life Changes:

    • Starting a family or needing more space: We can help you find a home that accommodates your growing family’s needs, like extra bedrooms, play areas,and spacious yards. We also understand the importance of school districts and community amenities, so we can guide you toward the perfect fit.
    • Downsizing after children leave home: We can help you find a comfortable and manageable home that suits your empty-nest lifestyle. We understand the emotional aspects of downsizing and can provide support and guidance throughout the process.
    • Job relocation: We have extensive knowledge of different areas and can help you navigate the local market, find a home that fits your budget and lifestyle,and connect you with local resources.
    • Retiring and relocating: We can help you find your dream retirement home,considering factors like climate, access to healthcare, and recreational opportunities. We also understand the financial considerations of retirement and can guide you towards making informed decisions.
    • Divorce or separation: We can handle the real estate aspect of your divorce with sensitivity and discretion, ensuring a smooth and fair transaction for both parties.
    • Seeking a better school district or community amenities: We can analyze school ratings, crime rates, and community features to find a neighborhood that aligns with your priorities.
  • Investment:

    • Purchasing a rental property: We can help you assess potential investment properties, analyze rental yields, and connect you with property management services.
    • Flipping a house for profit: We have experience guiding clients through renovations and improvements to maximize their return on investment.


  • Life Changes:

    • Upsizing for a growing family: We can help you get the best price for your current home and find a larger house that accommodates your family’s needs.
    • Downsizing after children leave home: We can help you downsize efficiently and achieve your financial goals, offering staging and marketing strategies to attract the right buyers.
    • Job relocation: We can help you sell your home quickly and efficiently,ensuring a smooth transition before your move.
    • Retiring and relocating: We can help you downsize and sell your current home while finding your ideal retirement location. We understand the financial implications of selling and can advise you accordingly.
    • Divorce or separation: We can handle the real estate aspect of your divorce with sensitivity and discretion, ensuring a smooth and fair transaction for both parties.
    • Moving closer to family or friends: We can help you find a home in your desired location, considering factors like proximity to loved ones and access to amenities.
  • Financial Reasons:

    • Upgrading to a more expensive home: We can help you get the best price for your current home and leverage market conditions to secure a favorable deal on your new one.
    • Downgrading to a more affordable home: We can help you downsize efficiently and achieve your financial goals, offering staging and marketing strategies to attract the right buyers.
    • Avoiding foreclosure: We can explore options to help you avoid foreclosure, including short sales or loan modifications. We understand the urgency of the situation and will work diligently to find a solution.
    • Inheriting a property and needing to sell it: We can guide you through the probate process, help you value the property, and find the right buyer for a smooth and fair transaction.

Additional factors:

  • Market conditions: We have extensive market knowledge and can advise you on the best time to buy or sell based on current trends and forecasts.
  • Personal preferences: We take the time to understand your unique needs and preferences, ensuring we find a home that truly fits your lifestyle.

Remember: We are your trusted partners throughout the entire process, offering expert advice, personalized guidance, and unwavering support to help you achieve your real estate goals.

Empower your real estate decisions with One Source Realty Solutions. We harness the latest market data, infuse global perspectives from extensive travel, and draw on our deep community connection in Southern California. Our commitment goes beyond expertise – we actively give back by volunteering with local charities like Boys Club and Habitat for Humanity.

Ready to discuss your real estate goals? We’re eager to demonstrate how One Source Realty Solutions can turn your dream home into a reality. Let’s start the conversation!

Meet the Founders Behind One Source Realty Solutions

At the heart of One Source Realty Solutions, you’ll find a dynamic team dedicated to turning your real estate dreams into reality. Get to know the experts who make it happen:


  • Mike Mattson, President and Broker Owner: With over 30 years of experience in construction, appraisal, and real estate sales, Mike brings a unique blend of industry knowledge and a hands-on approach. His commitment to excellence ensures every aspect of your real estate journey is meticulously handled.

  • Jaime Mattson, Co-Owner: Jaime is the creative force driving our success. With a background rooted in aerospace engineering, she’s honed her skills working on programs like the ISS, Minuteman Missile, Space Shuttle, and the C-17 program at Boeing. Her expertise extends globally, having served as a director at Panasonic Avionics in the In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) industry, influencing air travel experiences worldwide.

Jaime’s keen eye for design and in-depth market insights contribute to our personalized strategies. Together, Mike and Jaime form a powerhouse team, ready to guide you through the intricacies of the Southern California real estate landscape.

Worldwide Local View

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Our journey extends far beyond Southern California. Mike’s and Jaime’s extensive travels across dozens of countries have not only enriched their lives, but also shaped a global perspective that sets One Source Realty Solutions apart. This worldly outlook allows us to approach real estate with a nuanced understanding, catering to the diverse needs of our clients in this vibrant international marketplace.


By blending local expertise with global insights, we offer a service that transcends boundaries, ensuring a seamless experience whether you’re a local resident or an international buyer looking to call Southern California home.

Our Global Perspective

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Navigating Diverse Cultures: Mike’s and Jaime’s extensive travels, spanning over a dozen countries, have shaped a global perspective that enriches our real estate services. We bring insights gained from diverse cultures, architecture, and history to meet the unique needs of our clients.


Connection to Local Markets: Our global experiences uniquely inform our understanding of the Southern California real estate market. By integrating lessons learned abroad, we offer a nuanced and comprehensive approach that sets us apart in the local real estate landscape.


International Expertise in Marketing: Mike’s commitment to continual learning and marketing expertise, coupled with Jaime’s expansive business expertise gained during university studies, including her M.B.A. form USC, positions One Source Realty Solutions as a dynamic force in a vibrant multinational marketplace. We leverage this background to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

We LOVE Real Estate and Being Involved Philanthropy and Community Involvement:

Charitable Endeavors: At One Source Realty Solutions, giving back is at the heart of our mission. We proudly support organizations such as Boys Club, Habitat for Humanity, and Laura’s House. Our involvement goes beyond financial contributions – we actively participate in events, organize initiatives, and volunteer our time to ensure these causes thrive.


Local Community Commitment: Our dedication extends to active participation in local community events, sponsorships, and collaborations. By fostering a sense of unity and support, we aim to contribute to the well-being and growth of the neighborhoods we serve.


Join Us in Making a Difference: We invite our clients and website visitors to join us in supporting these charitable endeavors. Together, we can create a stronger, more compassionate community.

Services we provide for our Buyers & Sellers

Get Top Dollar & Stress-Free Results: Sell Your Southern California Home with One Source Realty Solutions

Our hands-on approach and expert guidance empower you to achieve your selling goals with ease.

Key Steps:


  • Free, personalized home valuation: We start by accurately assessing your property’s market value to ensure optimal pricing.
  • Tailored marketing strategy: We leverage cutting-edge online and offline methods to showcase your home to the right buyers.
  • Expert negotiation: We advocate fiercely for your best interests to secure the strongest offers.
  • Professional staging: We help present your home in its best light to maximize buyer interest.
  • Smooth transaction management: We handle all paperwork and logistics, keeping you informed and stress-free every step of the way.

Benefits we offer:


  • Proven pricing expertise: We consistently achieve over 10% above asking price for our clients, thanks to our deep market knowledge and strategic pricing strategies.
  • Maximum exposure: We utilize comprehensive marketing plans, including targeted online advertising, social media marketing, and professional photography, to reach qualified buyers quickly.
  • Skilled negotiators: With over 18 years of experience, Mike and Jaime Mattson excel at securing the best possible deals, protecting your financial interests and maximizing your profit.
  • Stress-free experience: We handle the heavy lifting, paperwork, and deadlines, allowing you to focus on moving forward with ease and peace of mind.
  • Dedicated support: We provide personalized attention and open communication throughout the process, ensuring you’re always informed and involved.

Unlock Your Dream SoCal Home with One Source Realty Solutions

Buyer Resources:



  • Mortgage Calculator: Estimate your monthly payments and budget with ease. (Link to calculator)
  • Neighborhood Guides: Explore the vibrant communities of Southern California and find your perfect fit. (Link to guides)
  • First-Time Buyer Tips: Navigate the buying process with confidence, from pre-approval to closing. (Link to tips)

Our Buyer-Focused Benefits:



  • Personalized Search Assistance: We take the time to understand your unique needs, preferences, and budget, ensuring we present properties that perfectly align with your vision.
  • Expert Market Insights: Our in-depth knowledge of Southern California’s diverse neighborhoods and market trends empowers you to make informed decisions and discover hidden gems.
  • Skilled Negotiation: We advocate for your best interests, securing favorable terms and protecting your investment.
  • Stress-Free Experience: We handle the paperwork, scheduling, and communication, allowing you to focus on the excitement of finding your dream home.
  • Ongoing Support: We’re here for you every step of the way, providing clear guidance and answering any questions you may have.

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